How to change accountant?

Thinking of changing accountant?

What do YOU want from an accountant


This is an important question we find that most people may ask themselves, but will not ask their accountant. If you are not happy with any level of service, you are entitled to change.


We find that as people cannot do an easy comparison like you would for car insurance, broadband, energy services, they tend to stick with their accountant regardless of their satisfaction with the level of service received.


We believe that accountants should be viewed as you would view any other service based industry. You therefore you should regularly check out the competition for the level of service provided and the value offered to your business, this is the advice that we also give to our own clients.


YOU as a business owner have the right to select what type of service you require from your accountant.


Time for a change?


One of the most important considerations is the timing of the change, but it may not be practical to wait for an obvious cut-off point, such as the financial year end.


If the change is before the year end, then everything can be in place for the following year, plus VAT and Payroll can easily be changed over during the year and your current accountant as a professional, should ensure there is a smooth transfer over of information, so there is no disruption to your business.


How easy it is to change accountants?


Another misconception is that it is difficult to change accountants. 

If you have made your decision to change, it is generally a formal exchange of letters between the outgoing accountant and incoming accountant with the handover information.


The process would only be complicated if the service provided previously has not been to standard, but as we offer fixed fees, this means that the risk is absorbed by ourselves.


We are happy to do this on the occasions where this occurs, as we have the confidence in our service together with our value based costing that our relationships with our clients will be long term.




Why Mills & Co?

We are a forward thinking accountancy practice, who use a wide range of practices to reduce our own costs for areas that offer no value to our clients in order that we can pass on these cost savings to our clients, offering a better value service.


• We are Chartered Certified Accountants offering a professional service that is also friendly and personal to our clients. .


• We offer fixed monthly fees, so that you know exactly how much you have to pay and there are never any "surprise" bills i.e. You will not be charged additional for phone calls or letters .


• We aim to offer more than the standard compliance that accountants can get bogged down in and to be pro-active in our advice to our clients .


• We offer a secure online document exchange for your convenience, so accounts and tax returns can be approved by "e-approval", but also historical copies of accounts, tax returns, payslips etc can be readily available to our clients on any device that has an internet connection.


• You will have a dedicated client manager, who will usually be available to answer any queries within 24 hours and if there is any change in this continuity this will always be notified in advance, as we know in some other practices there is a high turnover and therefore no continuity for you as a client.


• We are flexible and offer weekend and evening appointments, at our premises or our clients, as we understand that it can be difficult to arrange appointments in the normal 9-5 office hours.


• We are based in a prominent position on Trinity Square and have client parking available.


Get your fixed fee quote now

If you would like to change to an accountancy firm which has fixed fees, with the option to pay by monthly by direct debit, together with a no-charge policy for phone calls and meetings, then why not arrange an introductory meeting with one of our senior team.

Weekend and evening appointments are available on request.

Mills & Co Chartered Certified Accountants
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Mills & Co Accountants

Mills & Co Chartered Certified Accountants
Conwy Business Centre | Llandudno Junction | Conwy |LL31 9XX

01492 233450


Mills & Co Accountants